Q: What is the difference between a “float/flex” week and a “fixed” week?

A: If you purchase a week of “fixed” time, you are guaranteed the specified unit on your deed, each year. You do not have to call and make a reservation.

Example: If you own unit 101-01, you are guaranteed unit 101 for week 1 of each year.

If you purchase a week of “float/fixed” time, you are not guaranteed a specific unit at a specific time. You must call reservations each year and book a week between weeks 17 and 50. You may then request a specific unit, however, units are assigned on a first come, first served basis and, on occasion, may be changed prior to the reservation by staff for the purpose of alleviating other guests who are here longer than a week having to room move.

Example: If you own unit 302-44, your reservation for this year could be for unit 108, week 18

Q: Can I book my “float/flex” week for week 3?

A: No, week 3 is “fixed” time. “Fixed” time runs from week 51 through week 16. No “float/flex” time can book during “fixed” time.

Q: When should I call and book my reservation?

A: “Float/flex” reservations can only be made 365 days in advance.

Q: What happens if I don’t pay my maintenance fees?

A: Mariner’s Boathouse will pursue payment and/or foreclose on the unit.

Q: What exchange affiliates are available at Mariner’s Boathouse?

A: There are three available:

  • RCI (Resort Condominiums International, LLC). You may reach them at (800) 338-7777.
  • II (Interval International, Inc.) You may reach them at (800) 843-8843.
  • TPI (Trading Places International) You may reach them at (800)-365- 7609. There is NO annual membership fee as it is affiliated with VRI (our management company), www.tradingplaces.com

Q: Am I automatically a member of the exchange affiliates?

A: No, both RCI and II are separate exchange entities for which fees to join apply.

Q: Should I call the resort for exchange information?

A: Call the exchange affiliate for which you are a member.

Q: If I cannot use my week at MBH, may I send family members or friends?

A: Yes. You must notify the MBH in writing that you are sending a guest. MBH will need the guest’s name, address and phone number.

Q: If I book an exchange, may I send family or friends to that resort?

A: You must get that information from the appropriate exchange affiliate.

Q: I have noticed VRI (Vacation Resorts International) on some literature and they answer the phone when I call the 800 number to make my reservation. Who is VRI?

A: VRI is the management company hired by Mariner’s Boathouse & Beach Resort.

Q: Is there a way I can put my unit up for rent if I can’t come?

A: Yes. You may call VRI at (866) 261-5679 for information about placing your unit in the rental system. They have specific procedures and a rental contract that must be completed by the unit owner.

Q: Will I be held accountable for following the rules and regulations of Mariner’s Boathouse even though I may not have received them?

A: Yes, taking ownership of a unit automatically binds you to the condominium documents, bylaws and rules and regulations of Mariner’s Boathouse & Beach Resort.

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