Mariner's Boathouse Monthly Update: April / May 2018

posted May 23, 2018, 4:58 AM by Greg Papuga
  • The annual BOD meeting was held on 5/8/18.
  • Robert Lorier was elected as Vice President.
  • We are still collecting votes for the amendment and should have enough to eliminate the Sunset Clause soon.
  • Thank Rick Perez and Kathleen Welch for their time and consideration running for the board.
  • Nada resigned April 28 th . We will not be hiring another activity director as half of the resort will be un-occupied for 18 weeks starting 8/17/18 for the exterior renovation project.
  • Greg and Matt began as maintenance staff in April.
  • The internet was upgraded to a faster speed and the wi-fi was re-configured to include a secure, password free network for the guests and office separately.