Mariner's Boathouse Monthly Update: June 2012

posted Jul 11, 2012, 10:04 AM by Greg Papuga
  1. Tile for Lanai’s was delivered 6/26/12 and installation will begin 7/16/12.
  2. The mirror project is down to four to do.
  3. New signage for trash room installed.
  4. All directional signs and unit signs are newly painted...
  5. A canoe has replaced one of the row boats.
  6. The parking lot paver project should be ready to go to the board by the end of this month.
  7. Beginning to replace cushion covers in dining rooms.
  8. We have added four loungers and four chairs to the pool deck
Tropical Storm Debby did not do any damage to the resort, but she did change the Sand Bar. There is now an outlet almost directly in front of the pier and it washed away some of the Mangroves out there.