Mariner's Boathouse Monthly Update: May 2015

posted Jun 22, 2015, 5:15 AM by Greg Papuga
  1. Please note on Mariner’s web site there is now a tab for Owner’s to list their units for sale should you desire to. To start this process you will need to go to the Owner’s page and go to miscellaneous forms & information, on this link you will be able to scroll down and get a form that you will fill out. Once you fill it out and submit it, it will automatically post your unit on the web site. We ask that you only post it once and when you sell it or want to take it off the site please e-mail me at and I will let the web master know. We are contacting title companies that we can put on the web site that will assist you in your sale should you desire.
  2. The board is busy working on the kitchen and bath renovations.
  3. We are working on bids for waterproofing/painting of the building and walkway this fall..
  4. We are looking to upgrade the pool filtering system.
  5. MBH now has added a kayak to our amenities. Please be aware that we will be charging a deposit of $20.00 for these to be taken out. You will receive this back once everything is returned.