Mariner's Boathouse & Beach Resort Procedures

In order to prepare the resort for a Tropical storm or Hurricane the staff has a detailed written preparation and evacuation plan they strictly follow. Some of the required work is: Notify all owners and guests immediately when an evacuation order had been ordered by the city of Ft. Myers Beach, all pool furniture chairs are stacked and secured to the wrought iron fence with bungee cords, all umbrellas are stored in the shop, all exterior tables turned over and secured to the fence, if a unit is vacant the lanai furniture is moved inside the unit and all occupied units that choose to remain on site after an evacuation order are asked to bring the lanai furniture in their unit but we cannot make them, the bikes and entrance benches are stored in the pool bathrooms, the bar microwave, coffee machine and miscellaneous bar items are stored in the shop, all recycle trash containers are stored in the laundry room, the power is turned off at the pool / bar area, the cabana's are either stacked on top of each other or drug into the pool area and secured to the fence (depending on the severity) and the power to the elevator is turned off.

This is just a brief list of items that are required to prepare for the storm, of course all of these items have to be undone after the all clear order has been given PLUS staff must start the property assessment of damage and clean as applicable.

Recent Photos After The Passing of Hurricane Irma in 2017